St. John Regular baptist Association JWA is hosting this year MBGCT Take it to the Streets Evangelism Regional Meeting.  What an amazing opportunity for us to go beyond the walls of the church and bring souls to Christ! Below you will find a link to the official "Take it to the Streets" Newsletter.

We are asking that all ministries in the St. John District please complete the pre-RSVP requested in the official newsletter. Feel free to invite a friend!

Here's who signed up!

  • April: New Lincoln, Winns Memorial, St. Stephens
  • May: Good Hope, St. James, St. John College Heights
  • June: E. 19th Street, St. James, St. Stephens
  • July: Good Hope, Mt. Carmel, Winns Memorial
  • August: New Lincoln, St. James, St. John College Heights
  • September: St. Paul, Winns Memorial, St. Stephens
  • October: E. 19th Street, St. James, St. John College Heights

April 19th- Winns Memorial Combined Mission Annual @ 3:30 pm

April 20th- 23rd- St. John District Simultaneous Evangelical Conference

May 5th- St. John Regular Baptist Association JMWA meeting @ 6:30 pm
May 5th-7th- MBGCT May Board Meeting (Crochet, Texas)
May 15th- Thanksgiving in Spring Worship Service
May 23rd- St. Paul Junior Women present: Hiding Behind @ 1:00 pm
May 28th- 30th- MBGCT Women and Girl's Conference, Dallas, TX
May 31st- Fifth Sunday Board  Meetings
June 8th-11th- St. John District BTU and Congress @6:00 pm

This years St. John District Association Annual Session will take place July 20th- 26th! We need you to help us plan our general meetings Tuesday- Friday of that week! Our meetings will take place from 5:45-7:00 pm Tuesday- Friday. Last year we hosted an Open Forum, Presidents address, Mentoring Session, and Installation of officers. At our last meeting we agreed that the Junior Mission theme for that week will coincide with our Banner theme: Sisterhood.  We need ministries to MC each session, participate in devotion and an ice breaker. Please be thinking of all of these things as the July session draws closer.


The Junior Women's Auxiliary march takes place Saturday night, July 25th. One of the competitions we host that night is the Banner Competition. Banners will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Encompasses the Theme: Sisterhood
  • Creativity
  • Organization

Banner must include your church affiliation as well as your Pastors' name.

Other awards that will be up for grabs that night: Most offering, Highest attendance for the Association week, and highest attendance for JWA night.

Next meeting Tuesday, May 5th

Questions, Comments, or Concerns?