St. Joseph's Villa

(This is a timeline of the St. Joseph's Villa Foundation)

History & Mission-

  •   The mission of the St. Joseph’s Villa organization is to be in astounding help of the children in our society who have disabilities and/or distinctive needs in life.
  • St. Joseph’s Villa was originally established in the eighteen-hundreds by the Daughters of Charity to help out with Richmond’s orphaned/impoverish children, which they still do today!

Bon Secours Outreach Clinic-

  •   Bon Secours is a part of the organization by having and operating an outreach clinic on their campus. They serve the patients who can’t afford health insurance, they also help with those who are insured and those under insured.
  • For those of the people who come to the Bon Secours outreach clinic and cannot speak English, or are not that great with it, they have language interpretation services: either with a trained medical interpreter or with an electronical interpretation device.

Needs & Bonds of Patients-

  •   Both the patients and medical workers create a collaborative bond with each other. These relationships are mostly personal making them strong. The neutral commitment of them will ensure the effective balance of the patient’s needs.
  • Having different categories for the patients depending on their needs, and having different locations for each category is outstanding. It helps out with the fact that people might not be close to one location of services, but close to another, instead.

Alley’s Story-

           Alley was born two months earlier than expected, so she had had many health issues. She also experienced severe developmental delays as another result. Alley had struggled with her education and hated going to school. She had missed a total of 62 days of school, and was tardy 94 of them. This was only by the end of fourth-grade. At home in the mornings, Alley's house was a constant battlefield between her and her mother. Alley’s mother had often gave in, letting her stay home.

        The doctors had told her mother that she had been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and put Alley on medication to help out with the symptoms. Her pediatrician had later referred her family to the ICM Care Coordinator program by “Villa of Hope”. This was only one of the many programs that the Villa operated. A case manager who worked for “Villa of Hope” was assigned to Alley’s family and had worked comprehensively with Alley’s mother to help her understand the needs of her daughters ADHD. This would ensure the success at both school and home.

           As Alley advanced further in progress, her mom became more confident of handling Alley’s ADHD. By the end of her fifth-grade year, Alley was attending school regularly. Not only that, but she was earning awards for her great classroom behavior.

A Bit Extra-

  • “St. Joseph’s Villa” is known by some people as “Villa of Hope.”
  • They have been in business for 180 years as of this year, 2014. WOO-HOO!!
  • If you would like to help, the closest location to here is- 8000 Brook Rd, Richmond VA, 23227.

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