Mesopotamia is a good place to visit or live, Mesopotamia is located  by Tigris and Euphrates river.People would move to Mesopotamia because there a lot of water to crop plants.

Mesopotamia food supply many crops grown in the area of Mesopotamia. Crop played a important role to the Mesopotamia, Euphrates an Tigris hunted for food like birds.people that live on a simpler diet of foods now than in ancient Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamia government There was a King and nobles who made the law and declared war and decided how to honor the gods.Then there was an assembly of the people who could overrule the king and say, this is not a good law, people said to get rid of it, or we don't want to go to war, so they stop it.

Mesopotamia technology the sailboat, first wheel and cuneiform was built as technology  

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