Trestle Theatre is a threatre focusing on masks and physical movement. Trestle is a charity with a mission to engage child, young people and adults in creative activity, which aims to enhance the cultural quality of their experiences.

- Trestle has started it's theatre production at 1981.

- Trestle Arts Base in St Albans is home to Trestle Theatre Company

- All of their wok has masks incorporated in them.

- Collaborations with artists from India, Spain, Eastern Europe and Africa and the UK have inspired their work during the past decade.

- Trestle is one of the leading providers of school workshops, teacher training and participation programmes in the country.

- Occasionally run masks, half masks, physical theatre and bespoke workshops

How They Work

- Use of improvisation

- Directors talks the actors through to determine the actor's types of character and how they should be feeling.

- Eliminates the "overthinking" part of the actor.

- The audience/director sets the mood, the setting for the actors and determines their objectives, their goals. Then the scene is maid from there.


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