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Located in Morristown, New Jersey, Delbarton School at St. Mary's Abbey functions as a college preparatory school for young men between grades 7 and 12. Overseen by Roman Catholic Benedictine monks, this institution sits on 200 acres and every year provides nearly 540 students with a liberal arts education combined with an appreciation of history. Despite its religious foundation, Delbarton School at St. Mary's Abbey welcomes youths regardless of background. However, pupils must show a dedication to improving their skills, knowledge, and spirituality.

Operating under the motto Succisa Virescit ("Cut down, it grows up strong again"), the school features a strong academics program covering many subjects. Based on a 1,500-year-old Benedictine tradition, it develops lessons that improve one's whole person (spirit, body, and mind) and encourages civic responsibility. Students learn about writing, thinking, and speaking properly; the importance of tolerance and diversity; an appreciation of classical arts and literature; and how to utilize modern technology. Moreover, its average class size is 15 students. For more information about Delbarton School at St. Mary's Abbey, visit

Delbarton Debate Team Makes Strong Showing at Debate Tournament

A Benedictine monastery in Morristown, New Jersey, St. Mary's Abbey manages Delbarton School, which welcomes young men in grades 7–12. Under the leadership of the monks of St. Mary's Abbey, Delbarton guides its students physically, mentally, and spiritually through a variety of classes, as well as extracurricular activities, such as its debate team.

In 2015, the Delbarton debate team made its 10th appearance at the National Speech and Debate Tournament hosted by the National Speech and Debate Association. Seven Delbarton students attended the event, which took place in Dallas, Texas. Two Delbarton seniors, Ryan Hosler and Jai Amin, took ninth place in Public Forum Debate against 273 other teams. Each boy won a $1,000 scholarship from the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation and qualified for the 2016 National Speech and Debate Tournament.

In the past six years, teams from Delbarton School have consistently placed in the top 14 at the tournament. Faculty moderator Father Michael Tidd, OSB, commented that no other school in the country had maintained such a strong and consistent record.

Benefits of Debate Participation

Administered by the Benedictine monks of St. Mary's Abbey, Delbarton School has strong roots in the Roman Catholic tradition as well as the history of liberal arts education. Under guidance from St. Mary's Abbey, Delbarton students participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. One school activity that has gained momentum recently is the Delbarton Forensics Society, which made a successful showing at the National Speech and Debate Tournament in Kansas in 2014.

Participating on a debate team during high school can significantly improve a student's personal and academic outcomes. When participating in a debate, students learn to think critically, drawing on wide ranges of information and discovering different forms of knowing. Competitive debate also forces students to develop emotionally, as the combination of civility and conflict encourages a mature, professional approach to disagreement and adversity. Thanks to these benefits, debate members often perform more strongly in the academic sphere than their counterparts do, with many graduating in the top 10 percent of their class. More than 98 percent of debate participants go on to college, and many are offered scholarships to attend prestigious, post-secondary schools.

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