New To Online Book Studies?

1. The study takes place at This is your #1 source of information. We may decide to have  other points of contact, such as Facebook and Twitter but the  study is not run on Facebook, and you do not have to have Facebook or other social media sites to do this study — only the St. Matthias Blog.   If you have signed up for the study, you will receive the study posts from the STM blog directly to your email.

2. Every Monday of the study, an overview  of that week's study will be posted to help you prepare for the week. You may log on daily or if it’s a super busy week for you, as long as you read your Monday post, you will have all you need to complete that week of study.

3. There will be Bible study activities on the STM OBS blog on various days during the week. You will be invited to share in the Group Chat (comment) section. This is where you can interact with all of the other OBS participants. Items may include homework and study ideas, memory verse suggestions, discussion questions, video messages, and opportunities for you to share. All of this is optional.

4. You need to have the book we are studying in order to participate in this Online Bible Study. We will be using the book. You will not need any other materials, such as a participant’s guide or DVD. You can order or pick up the book almost anywhere books are sold; there is also a link on the blog to amazon if you would like to order from there.  CBD is another resource for book purchase.  The e-reader versions are also acceptable and can be downloaded from amazon or from I-books.

5. Other items that will be helpful for this study: a Bible, a notebook, pen or pencil, and highlighter.

6. You will get out of this study exactly what you put in to it. Your Bible study leaders will be encouraging you to keep up with our schedule by carving out a specific time to work on Bible Study. Make this study a priority. You signed up. That means you are making a real commitment to this study and that’s great! You can do this! Make this a priority in your life. You are worth it! And you won’t regret it!