The Dollhouse Murders
Author:Betty Ren Wright

Twelve-year-old Amy is having difficulties at home being responsible for her brain-damaged sister, Louann. While visiting her Aunt Clare at the old family home, she discovers a haunted dollhouse in the attic an exact replica of the family home. Whenever she sees it, the dolls, representing her relatives, have moved. Her aunt won't listen to Amy's claims that the dolls are trying to tell her something. This leads Amy to research old news reports where she discovers a family secret-the murder of her grandparents. The two sisters unravel the mystery. Amy grows to accept her sister and to understand that Louann is more capable than she had first thought.

The Dolls didn't forget about the tragic murder that had happened to them and while Aunt Clare moves in and Amy runs away and finds the house,she finds out that the dolls aren't trying to scare them they are trying to tell them something !!!

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