Behind the Scenes with the
STOP - PAUSE - BE project

Below is a collection of the thinking behind some of the creative choices in the clip below as well as the digital tools employed and the resources that inspired the exploration.

Education is More

Education is More was created with a handful of standards tools on my Mac: camera, photo editing in iPhoto, sound in Garageband and final editing in iMovie. For me the most enjoyable part was the selecting images for the clip. Below are 10 of the images and my reasoning for including them in the clip.

My Journey

As I was creating the clip I was curious to see how others would define education (perhaps because the Google Image search had scared me just a little). I was very grateful for the many replies that formed the writing of the final piece.

Daily Reminders


The clip above was inspired by RSA's Espresso Clips or their Shorts, in particular the below clip about brainstorming. I loved the idea of bringing the thoughts in the speech to life with animation and keeping it brief to the 5 minutes or less. I tried to follow the process of creating the script first and then going from there (a little hard to not go to the visuals first). Although my animation definitely is lacking and I went a smidge over I enjoyed the process.

Two apps were used to help compose the brief 15 second Instagram clip above.

  • Word Swag is an app that allows you to layer text on top of your images or a selection of preset backgrounds and then save or share those images with others. The Stop-notice-be images were all edited with the app.
  • Flipagram allows you in the matter of seconds to create quick slideshows. Select your images, add titles (I perfer Word Swag for control) and choose a brief 30 minute song clip to go along with your slideshow. The best part is you can spend your time in selecting the images you want to choose for your message instead of the details of the tool. Although the app creates the timing for you, you can trick it as in the stop-breathe-notice pages by duplicating the image.

Adobe Slate

This was my first time using the new Adobe Slate app to compose the story. Very intuitive and lots of design options to explore.

For the full bibliography of resources for this digital project please click on the link below to access the bibliography. Thank you Airin for the blog suggestions!