A recap for everyone

Once upon a time there was a girl called Katy. She lived in South Yorkshire, in England with her mother, father and younger brother. Although she was born into a very poor family, Katy never complained about things and always looked positive to life. But one day happened something terrible – her adorable mum told Katy that she was very ill. She had leukaemia. When doctors revealed that disease, it was too late to cure Katy’s mother. Susan died when Katy was only 17 years old.

Today, in 23rd December almost a year has passed since there are only three of them. Katy’s father now has to work harder, and sometimes Katy and little brother don’t see dad for days. Before that awful accident happened, Katy was convinced that someday in her lifetime she would get all she needed and her parents would work in better job. But today everything seems impossible, God has taken away even Katy’s mother. She hates her life right now.

Katy’s thoughts were interrupted by her brother George “Tomorrow is Christmas eve, what are we going to do?”

“Nothing... We don’t have money, and I think dad will be working.” Katy replied.

George was really upset, he missed mum, too. When she was alive, Christmas was the most important time of the year... He didn’t answer Katy anymore and for the rest of the evening they were sitting in their bedroom and drinking tea until they fell asleep.

In the morning their father came into room and said:”Happy Christmas, my dear children!”

Katy and George were amazed. They couldn’t believe their eyes, there were Christmas three, presents and gingerbread. Katy bursted into tears, so was George. Father did everything to make Christmas spirit in their hearts, while his children were sleeping.

Their father looked very happy and he said: “You are all I have, and I love you. I know, we can’t bring Susan back, but in our memories your mum will stay forever.”

From that moment Katy knew – sometimes we can’t choose what we have, but everything we have is enough to live on. Christmas miracles can happen…in this year one family learnt what is most important in our lives – whatever happens, there is someone who will understand and support us!

Story from the heart

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