Story Project

Task Options, Grading Details, & Due Dates

Task Options

Choose to create ONE of the following:

~ Children's Book ~
~ Short Story ~
~ Video Game Proposal ~

  1. Children's Book: create a children's book of 7 - 10 pages with illustrations, either on paper or digitally
  2. Short Story: write a short story of approximately 3-5 double-spaced, typed pages
  3. Video Game Proposal: write a game proposal including character profiles, story arc, setting, challenges / levels, etc.

You will receive additional information and writing tools after you decide which task you will do!

Grading Details


Your story has the five parts of plot (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution) = 10 points


Your plot utilizes a central conflict = 5 points

Your story develops specific details about its environment, including "where" and "when" = 10 points



Your story has no unintentional errors in grammar, spelling, or punctuation = 5 points


You complete the Story Project Reflection lesson = 10 points

Total Points = 40

Due Dates

Mark your calendars!

Introduction and Storyboard

Due Tuesday, 9/15

Rough Draft

Due Wednesday, 9/23

(A rough draft is required; you will not be able to submit a final draft without submitting a rough draft.)


Due Tuesday, 9/29

(This is a separate lesson in Moodle.)

Final Draft

Due Wednesday, 9/30