Stowe Elementary School
Links for Families & Parents

October 2014

Next year you will register students for school using the Des Moines Public Schools website.  This website will help you log on.

If this is the first time you have tried to access the campus portal, click on HELP.  Click on CLICK HERE if you have an activation key.  Enter the activation key then click on SUBMIT.


Stowe students can use a computer to practice Math skills anywhere, anytime

Ask your student's teacher or Señor McCright for her/his username and password.  Students can log on and practice at school, at home, at the Public Library . . . anywhere there is a computer with Internet access.


Stowe students can use a computer to practice Spanish anytime, anywhere

Students in Grades 3-5 use Quizlet to practice their Spanish vocabulary

With a parent/guardian's permission, students can join a class and keep track of their progress.  Click on a button to join a class.


If you have questions/comments/suggestions, please send them to Señor McCright.  Use this form.

Si usted tiene preguntas/comentarios/sugerencias, por favor envíalas a Señor McCright . Utilice este formulario por favor .