Hobbes vs. Locke

We all think its both.

We believe that Locke and Hobbes both have valid points.

There are two common theories about how we became who we are
today, Hobbes and Lockes theories.
Hobbes theory is that we are born with a purpose for life, and this is
something we know right from birth.  Yet
at the same time we don't understand what this purpose is.  Lockes theory is that the human mind develops
and forms as you grow.  He believes that
our physical environment influences what we will become.  Due to these reasons we believe in both

Hobbes theory exclaims our environment and people around us
do not affect us at all.  This theory
says that we are born with passion and reason and it is our life long goal to
fulfil it.  The saying everything
happens for a reason, is a saying that connects to Hobbes theory.  This reason is to fulfill your destiny that
you were born with. Hobbes believes peace can only happen if people give up the
right to govern themselves and give the power to one person. He believe we must
choose between absolute power and anarchy.

Lockes theory doesn't believes that we have a purpose, in
which we believe we do. Lockes theory is bad because he's saying you cannot be
your own person. He thinks that how you were taught determines how you’re going
to be in life. For example: Lockes theory is that if you're raised into a bad
family than you're going to be a bad person, vice versa. Locke says that if
your government doesn’t treat you right you have the right to rebel against it.
Locke believes you get no personality traits or skills from your genetics.

As we have looked closer at these theories we have come to
realize they both have very good valid points. We believe as a group, that we
do get traits from our parents but we also are very influenced by our
surroundings and peers. We also believe as a group that we have a purpose in
life, however that purpose can change as we grow and our surroundings change.
Ex. as a kid every little girl wants to be a princess but as we grow older we revaluate
our purpose and life and it changes along with us.

We believe that it is a good idea to give the power to one
person to overrule, but also have a strong opinion and be able to change it due
to majority if we chose to. Ex. our school right now. They aren’t trying to
take days away from us, so they have power, but we also have the choice to
change it.

Taneshia, Alyssa, Alex & Jackson

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