Coast to coast

By: Sasha Tomayly

From the warm waters and sandy beaches of the east coast

to the rocky overgrown, cliff like shores of the west coast.

Traveling along endless highways and watching the wonder of change,

change in climate, change in weather, change in the way the rocks form around you,

and all this wondrous change can be seen from a dusty car window.

The lonely-looking fields of the Midwestern prairie lands,

the beautiful red rock formations of Utah.

City lights, sea fog, and golden sun kissed hills of the west,

and shark hunting and snorkeling in the east.

Geysers and buffalo roaming the free western land,

and lush green forest and palm covered eastern nature.

The change from coast to coast is massive.

But the change from coast to coast is what makes the land between the coasts

more beautiful than any other change on the planet.

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