Growth of Agricultural Machinery Segment

Since the early ages, tractors have helped farmers be more efficient. There are over 7 billion people in the world that have been accounted for, and that number is expected to grow to about 9 billion by the end of the year 2050. Which means, more mouths to feed. The only way to successfully make sure that these mouths are fed is through making drastic changes and advances in the agricultural system.

In terms of India, there are several companies that have come forth in improving the condition of farmers that work hard day and night to produce crops to feed everyone. These firms have done whatever they could by making massive technological advancements in the field of agricultural machinery. One of the leading companies in this sector of automobiles is Mahindra, who has been manufacturing agricultural based machinery since almost a decade now.

Mahindra has been working to improve the lifestyles of farmers by making hard work easier, increasing yields as well as returns. Mahindra’s tractors, are power packed with different engine options that range between 15 and 85 BHP. These engines have specifically been designed in close communication with farmers with regards to their farming practices.

The different tractors by Mahindra vary with factors like marginal landholdings, to higher performance tractors with superior features, Mahindra has also successfully managed to revolutionise farm equipment space. In addition to this is a comprehensive agri-support system which includes factors like water-management and even crop solutions— enabling farmers to rise beyond their current realm of possibility.

Mahindra’s continuous dedication in putting farmers at the centre of their products and services which has led them be the market leader in India for nearly three decades, with a market share above 40 percent. Which is still growing.