Strategies Every Mobile Game Developer will Find Beneficial

Publishers these days focus on building several games to gain from a law of average rather than just pouring every drop of energy behind one big ambition shaped in a game. But, even then certain tested and tried principles and strategies produce more winners than others. From game conception, building the game, designing to marketing, we tried to focus on a number of strategies that any mobile game development company and publishers will find beneficial.

Having a story-line is must

We human beings are born storytellers, and we have a natural inclination towards stories. By telling a story a mobile app or any digital interface also becomes attention grabbing and engaging. Particularly, in mobile games, such storyline fits quite naturally. Building a game with a strong emphasis on storyline has almost become a design principle now. Your game storyline must be crafted for players targeted by your game. Simple games with an interesting storyline always grab more attention and player engagement, and there are too many examples of such games. Massively successful games like Angry Bird or Subway Surfer and many others just incorporate the simple story-line into their game mechanics.

Give your game a clear direction

A game with visual effects and features should guide the player to take game playing actions and by this way should allow a rewarding gaming experience. This requires giving the game a definite direction leaving no scope for confusion and indecisiveness about what to do and what to expect. To give your game a proper direction considers the following steps.

Focal Point: Your game plot should have clearly defined plot to guide you through the game playing steps. You should not allow the player guesses about where to focus. Besides this focal point and clear point, you can also offer a secondary subject matter without causing distraction from the focal game playing the objective.

Anticipation: The game building should incorporate elements of anticipation to help game players have an idea of what's going to happen next. For example, the approaching sound of a train before the actual train arrives at the scene is an example of how an element of anticipation works within a game.

Announcing change: Another important aspect corresponding to giving your game direction is to announce any change and set expectations. This announcement of any imminent change in the game just makes a short step after the anticipation and before the actual game event. Obviously every little need not be reported, but changes that occur every once in awhile should be announced. It actually depends on how rare the changed element in the game is.

Behavior: Another important feature that gives a game its character and a consistent direction is the behaviour of the game characters. This should address both the conscious and unconscious expectations of the game player. Each of the game event and behaviour of the game character must occur to meet the expectations of the player. Game character behaviour and events also should address the acceptance level of the target game player audience.

Targeting platform

One of the most indecisive moments of contention is to decide about the platform that a game should target initially. First of all, it should priorities platform that most of its target audience use. Secondly, you also need to consider typical features and game elements that just make a perfect appearance on certain devices and platforms. Building a cross platform mobile game requires more resources in terms of Technologies, development time and investment while unleashing a game on a single platform may be wiser at times if you need to make a quick presence without investing a hefty.

Use playable ads

When it comes to game ads, your strategy should not depend only on passive ads that add to the monotony and undermine user experience. Instead of passive video ads, you can use playable ads to allow your an interactive experience with ads. If you want your game ads to be more effective without undermining user experience, playable ads come as the solution.

Choosing between 3D and 2D

Do you want to unleash a small and straightforward game with maximum impact? Are you just starting your journey as a game developer? Do you want to build several small and powerful games instead of pouring huge sum on a complex game? In all such cases, a 2D game format can be more ideal. But in case you are a seasoned developer with several titles already up and running and now want to deliver a high-graphics game experience, then 3D games can be your ideal bait.

App Store Optimization

Like the key aspects mentioned above concerning game development and design, you need to focus on game marketing as well, and we all know, for a mobile game it begins with app store optimization (ASO). You need to try everything to become popular in App Store and Play Store and drive acquisition. Consider the following metrics to measure your game’s Play Store potential as envisaged by Google.

  • A short, crisp and interesting game description are mentioning key features and unique aspects of the game.
  • A game description followed by your game’s ratings and reviews
  • The number of downloads for your game
  • A short and interesting game video showcasing the game playing experience in nutshell
  • A few screenshots of the game offering a clear idea of the look and feel of your game
  • Reach audience on social media

Social media presence is a great way to reach game playing audience, and a vast majority of mobile games extensively use these platforms. Many people while doing their regular Facebook browsing just prefers to enjoy some short leisurely breaks and then they tap on interesting game videos or a link to the game. So, creating social pages for your game is quite an obvious thing.

Create a Facebook page for the game and publish interesting contents. The contents can be short game promo video, screenshots, game reviews, background story behind the game idea, success stories, etc. You should also make your presence felt in other selected media where your target audience visits frequently.

One last piece of advice would be utilising the game review sites as much as possible to push your game forward. You should also unleash an influencer marketing on social media and elsewhere. Getting reviewed by credible game websites and leading game commentators and reviewers is something you should seriously pursue from the early on.

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