Tackk Stream in the Classroom

An easy way to interact + collaborate with students

Collaboration has always been a topic of conversation at Tackk, and many educators request to use our creation tool more collaboratively. Well, we've listened.

We're excited to announce Tackk Stream.

Stream is a fun and easy way to have a conversation and sits at the bottom of your Tackk. Viewers can not only comment on your Tackk, but they can add photos, video, GIFs, links and other media to interact with you. It's a visual conversation and dynamic stream of content, based on your original content.

Classroom Examples

@Maxdula uses Tackk Stream by allowing his fellow classmates and teacher to give feedback and describe their opinions based on his report on The Giving Tree.


@msmcevoythinks uses #appsmashing to encourage her students to create a ThingLink annotating each image of the Five Pillars of Islam, then adding it to this Tackk Stream:


@sammer_20 creates a Tackk detailing his favorite sports including links, maps, pictures & more. Students comment on his report using Tackk Stream to give useful feedback.


@abigailmartinez created a beautiful presentation representing the ocean ecosystem for her Science class. Students gave her insightful feedback using Tackk Stream.


Tech Coordinator @heathersanders, created a fun interactive assignment where students create an advertisement based on their favorite Grilled Cheese restaurant.


Ways to get started

While there are infinite ways to use Stream in education, we broke out a few ways to use Tackk Stream in the classroom below to help you get started.  

Stream Assignments:

  • Create a Tackk with details to the assignment and a prompt at the bottom for students to add their response within Stream.
  • Specifically ask students to add text, a photo, or whatever content is appropriate.
  • As the creator of the Tackk, you control the content that's added by deleting unwanted posts.

Student Collaboration:

  • Assign students in groups and give them an assignment to work on together.
  • As they research and create content for the assignment they can add it via Stream so it lives in one place.
  • It dynamically updates in real-time any time a post is made so everyone within the group can see what others are adding.
  • BONUS: Logging in isn't required with Stream. Students can type in their name and start contributing instantly.

Teacher Comments:

  • Give a student a virtual high-five with a comment on their Tackk.
  • Add areas where they could use improvement, or embed your own content that you think could enhance their Tackk (like our example above).
  • Tackks can be set to private if you want to keep the comments between you and the student.

Resource Sharing:

  • Share resources among educators in your district or network.
  • Create lesson plans and get input from other teachers or create a Tackk to encourage other teachers to share their favorite EdTech tools.
  • Collect ideas about blog posts, lessons or school events.

Topic Chats:

  • Start a Stream about any topic, then ask educators to contribute.
  • Talk about current issues affecting your classroom, EdTech tips and more.
  • The Stream will keep updated with the latest content for anyone to reference in the future.

Cross-Classroom Collaboration:

  • Use Stream like a Pen Pal on steroids.
  • Collaborate on joint projects, trips and missions.
  • Excite students as they look forward to comments and reactions from their friends from other classes.

How else can you use Stream in the classroom?
What questions do you have for us?

Leave your suggestions and questions in the Stream below!

Comment Stream

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3 years ago

@ingvihrannar Thanks for the comments! Yes, a whole group or class could collaborate on one single Tackk, privately or publicly.

3 years ago

@klumperd Glad you like it! No, Stream will not crash with a whole class (or many, many more) interacting simultaneously. It's a strong system...so have at it! :)

3 years ago

Currently I run a weebly site, but I LOVE the format etc of this so much more. Help me figure out how I can use TACKK to replace what I have now? Would I have one landing page with the links to all other TACKKs?

3 years ago

Hi @hollyberg! Thanks for checking out Tackk. Since you already have a profile, you could Tackk under it (The "landing" page would be https://tackk.com/@hollyberg). Each Tackk under your profile could be considered a "post" as we see many educators using Tackk as their own blog/assignment creation tool. You can promote/email/send individual customized Tackk URLs to anyone.

Stream can be used for collaboration in all/any of those Tackks, and students can create accounts for assignments/blogs/research, etc. If you have specific questions or want to explore ideas further, I'd love to set up a time to chat. Email me directly at andria@tackk.com.

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3 years ago
3 years ago


3 years ago

Hi @debbiebeaudry! Currently, there is no approval on comments, but you can delete comments freely as the creator of that Tackk. You can also keep them private by making the Tackk private, or turn off comments under 'Tackk options'. Let us know if you have any other questions. :)

6 months ago

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