Stress is the greatest problem facing teens today. Many teens have stuff to worry about in school and outside of school, and all of this can create stress. According to a study done by usatoday, 51% of kids say that their stress in moderate, and 40% say that it causes them to be irritable and angry followed in quick succession by nerves and anxiety, fatigue, and laying awake at night.

More girls, also found in usatoday, say that stress impacts their happiness greater than what boys face. Boys report that they feel they do an excellent, to a great job on controlling stress. Teens may imitate their parents, and as it states in usatoday, "With 21% of adults reporting 'extreme' stress levels, the survey says that with teens 'mirroring adults' high-stress lives' they are 'potentially setting themselves up for a future of chronic stress and chronic illness.'"

School is one of the main stressors in a teens life. As npr states, "When high school junior Nora Huynh got her report card, she was devastated to see that she didn't get a perfect 4.0.

Nora 'had a total meltdown, cried for hours,' her mother, Jennie Huynh of Alameda, Calif., says. 'I couldn't believe her reaction.'

Nora is doing college-level work, her mother says, but many of her friends are taking enough advanced classes to boost their grade-point averages above 4.0. 'It breaks my heart to see her upset when she's doing so awesome and going above and beyond.'

And the pressure is taking a physical toll, too. At age 16, Nora is tired, is increasingly irritated with her siblings and often suffers headaches, her mother says." Teens today are taking themselves above and beyond, and some crash and burn because of the stress. Like the story you read above, if many don't reach the goals, it might result in some form of outburst. Stress is connected to everything, from social media to athletics. It even translates into home life, school, and friendships. Stress is the connecting factor in everything, and that's what makes it so bad. Everything else just causes it, stress is greater problem.