Struggle for Power Leaves One Dead

By: Ben Reigle

Statue of Julius Caesar

FEB 15 44 BC - Julius Caesar was killed in the Theatre of Pompeii yesterday by Marcus Junius Brutus because of a grudge; both political and personal.

Julius Caesar, dictator, was murdered yesterday while speaking to his followers. Witnesses reported seeing Brutus stab Caesar to death. One witness stated that it was the "most horrific thing [he] had ever seen."

Why would Brutus do this? When questioned he answered that he had a grudge both personal and political. Brutus being a republican, saw that Caesar being a dictator was ruining his way of government, and he was losing followers. He also stated that Caesar had an adulterous affair with his mom.

Caesars followers are currently protesting and are becoming more and more aggressive. A protester stated, "You can't do stuff like that! Its infuriating what people do." A revolt with weapons is seen to happen soon.

Statue of Marcus Brutus

Statue of Marcus Brutus

Recently Completed Coliseum Draws Huge Crowd

70 BC - The recently constructed Coliseum drew a huge crowd yesterday, a whopping 35,000 people. The crowd was amazed by what they saw; gladiator fights, animal fights, and even a water fight where they filled the arena and fought on boats. The creators of the Coliseum created a new sport too, the Pancratium. It thrilled people due to its not having any rules. A contestant would just fight to the death.

Other favorites were the animal fights, where either animals fought other animals or people fought animals such as lions, elephants, and giraffes. Similarly the gladiator fights, where people fought to the death with swords, nets, tridents, and spears drew attraction.

Some of the less popular events included chariot races, pentathlon, and other minor sports.

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