8th Grade Year End Projects

Listing and assignments to be completed by May 23, 2014

Graduation Announcement

You will be creating a digital Graduation announcement in the form of a webpage. We will use tackk.com to customize it to fit your needs. You should sign in using your EDMODO credentials to save and share the site - although you will also share it via a customized link to you page. Be sure to include all graduation information - date, time, locations, what is involved, etc.

You should also include pictures - of you now, through the years at STS, in your graduation gown, with your friends, etc. Your site should also include a REFLECTION - a written piece about your time at STS. Think about where you have been, things you have been through - as a person and as a class, changes you have seen, favorite memories, etc. This is YOUR website! If you completed work that you are proud of this year (your STS project or screencast, etc) why not include a link to it on your page? Did you write a great essay for Mr. Lindsey? Would you like to publish it? Your site is a good place to start!


Test will be conducted during last class meeting. Please be sure to spend time practicing. You may choose to use any keyboarding program for practice or log into your typingweb account. Here are links to several online programs.

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