*~You Are Invited~*

To Carla's Graduation After Party

May 30th on Friday

(Listen to The Music)

Come to the Class of '14's  after party, after the church ceremony, at the Palm Springs Renaissance. There will be food, laughs, pictures and most of all, dancing! The time will start at 7 P.M and will end at 1 A.M. This graduation party will allow family members, close relatives, and friends of the graduates, but a ticket must be in your hand before entering in. The duration of the party might be long, but most certainly the graduation party is something you don't want to miss. Come and celebrate the last shared moment of this loud, yet unique class, in memory of Mr.Lindsey. Hope you can make it! :)

*~Last Few Words~*

  1. As a class, even when most students don't talk to others, we have gone through a lot, the ups and downs in life, with each other. Each and every single one of us has seen every classmate happy, frustrated, sad, and most of all, vulnerable. We have lost a close dear teacher of ours, by the name of Mr.Lindsey. The news shocked and depressed the whole class. We went in denial and ended up being in a more saddening state of mind. At that moment, not only were we there for one another, but also had laughs and smiles afterwards, when remembering our good memories with Mr.Lindsey. And maybe, when thinking about it, that's what we should do. Forget and leave the sadness and anger that each of us have had during these years, being either for 9 or 3 years, and forever think about the small joyful moments. Yes, it might be difficult, yet dwelling in the past isn't something one shouldn't do when recalling middle school, later in the future. What I realized during my years at St.Theresa was the fact that no matter how much life seems to put you down and nothing seems right, I, as a person, shouldn't give up and instead, get right back on my feet. That's what Jesus did when carrying the heavy wooden cross, that's what Mr.Lindsey would have wanted us to do, and most certainly, that's what everybody should do before leaving STS, once and for all. God wants us to at least appreciate one another and not have grudges; having such hate is bad to carry on.
  2. But, In all honesty, I wouldn't have been able to handle the stress and sadness I went under if it wasn't for my class, specifically my friends. Sure, this class can get on my nerves and may annoy me, but I wouldn't think of any other class to be able to share such memories, from the embarrassing 6th grade Christmas play to the 7th grade Class Couch to this 8th grade Graduation. I may not have been here for a long time like the others, but I sure did have a wild experience. To the teachers, Mrs.Patton-Hiatt, Mrs.Routon, and Mr.D'Arco for teaching us our whole Junior High. To the sport coaches, Mrs.and Mr. Vasquez, Mr. Rawlings, and Mr. Francisco, for showing us how you must always have ambition to strive to be at the top. To my friends, for always staying by my side until the very end. And to Mr.Keno, for trying his best in adjusting to the school. Thank you for everything. I, Carla Borja, am a graduate of St.Theresa School and I will represent the school from here on out. Have a great day and may God bless you.

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