Wake County - June 17 Breakouts
Student Agency

Step 1

  • Have each person at your table select one of the resources below to read, watch & explore. No two people should be exploring the same resource within your group.

Step 2

  • READ / WATCH your resource.
  • SELECT or CREATE one (1) statement that stands out to you as either an "a-ha" statement, a statement with which you strongly agree, or a statement that provides you with a new perspective.
  • Graffiti WRITE your phrase or statement on your chart paper at your table.


  • DISCUSS your resource with your table. In 60 seconds or less, each person will take turns sharing why they chose their statement.
  • Everyone else will LISTEN and use the chart paper to free write individual and collective thoughts on the chart paper as you discuss as a group. Free write as much as you would like from the discussion.


  • Based on your small group conversations, CIRCLE the EIGHT (8) most important words on your poster as a group. These words may be found in either your statements or from your free writing.


  • Collect your eight words to create a definition statement. Put your statement in the google slideshow linked in the button below.


Build a shared definition of student agency