Student of the Week is a program in which the students vote for the classmate that they consider to have qualities such as dependability, friendliness, appropriate behavior...basically a good role model for others.

Silly Student Switch-a-Roo!

Can you figure out what the paragraphs above each picture really mean?

(Hint: We asked the students of the week their favorite music artist, food, hobbies, animal, TV show, and color!)

This is Red Panda. Red Panda’s favorite color is The Flash. She loves to curl up with a big bowl of Maroon 5 and listen to Potato Soup. Red Panda’s favorite color is Gizelle. She has so many hobbies including watching Arts & Crafts on TV and drawing. When she isn’t doing any of those things, you might find Red Panda reading a book because that is one of her favorite things to eat, too!

Introducing Hot Dog! Hot Dog is a huuuuge fan of the music group, Modern Family. She loves their grey volleyball costumes. Hot Dog loves to playing basketball with Clare when she isn’t watching dogs on TV. Besides watching dogs and listening to Modern Family, Hot Dog loves to snack on softballs.

Meet Soccer! Soccer’s favorite animal is Taylor Swift. She likes to watch blue pizza on television while she eats The Goldbergs for dinner. When she isn’t running away from her friends, you can often find her hanging out with penguins, eating basketball, or running around playing with Emily.

Let me introduce you to Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy’s favorite food is The Flash. You can find it in a neon orange box with a shark on it. When he isn’t eating The Flash, he is often listening to wings or playing hockey. He is also really into XC & track. But, his absolute favorite thing to do is watch Reid on TV and run hockey.

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3 years ago

I really like this idea Mr. Vandre!!!

3 years ago

but i want to be student of the week!!!!!!!!!