An Easy way to Maintain an A Average.

First, you need to know how to study. BUT, not everyone knows how to study the proper way. You can have a mentor to help with additional information you may need in a subject. Before that you need to have notes. Always take notes, even when it is not recommended. Do you know why? Because there may be a pop-up quiz the day you think,"I am not going to study today". Be prepared. Study your notes. If you can handle it, you can study everything for 2 days, star what you still need to study, check again the whole thing once more to be sure you know how to study. Then will you be prepared. You could do this with any subject. Some will require more effort.

I have prepared several ways you could write down notes. You could use what I have or what is above.

Outline (you could something else)

I. Topic

         1. Details

                    A. Details corresponding with this one


  • I. Nervous System is a major part of the body
  •        1. Includes the 5 senses.
  •               a. Smell
  •               b. Taste
  •                c. Feeling
  •                d. Sight
  •                e. Hearing
  • II. Respiratory System is a major system that runs in the body
  •          1. Parts of the System
  •                 a. Larynx
  •                 b. Esophagus
  •                 c. Lungs
  •                 d. Nose/mouth
  • III. Skeletal System
  •           1.) Parts of the system
  •                   A. Bones
  •                           a. Spine
  •                           b. Skull

Method #2

  • I live in the U.S.A, where many scientists live
  • Scientists study languished fossils from living things.
  • Biologists study life

Just follow these directions and you will be A-okay!