Study Tips from Tip

brought to you by: Tippy

Tip # 1

Turn your phone on silent and flip the damn thing over.

You are NUTS to think that you will get ANYTHING done with that thing buzzing next you every 2-30 minutes (depending on your popularity of course).

Tip # 2

Snacks, whether healthy or NAH, are always a great idea.

Personally, I eat like 8 bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos in the 2 weeks of finals.

Tip # 3

Take time to sleep

I don't care if its in your bed, on your couch, in your books, JUST DO IT.

Tip # 4

Casual study beers relieve stress

I'm not sure how valid this point is, but just go with it.

Tip # 5


Buzzfeed quizzes will eat your soul and destroy your GPA. Nobody cares what 90s character you are. NO ONE.

Tip # 6

The library is your friend

Me and Tommy Thompson are like totally BFFs.

Tip # 7

Avoid Asian eye contact

Obviously Asians will screw up the curve. Just get over it.

Tip # 8

Remain Confident

Tell yourself that you made it to at least half of the lectures, and it's going to pay off.

Tip # 9

Show up on time

Especially during math tests. Those things are longer than the Bible.

Tip # 10

Remember life goes on

Will fluency in Yiddish get you that dream marketing job? Probs not.