Share Your Dog Stories, Pics and Videos

and get featured on BarkPost!

StumbleUpon + Tackk partner to help you share love for your furry friends.

If you haven't heard of StumbleUpon's new program #StumbleBloggers, you have now. They launched the program in December 2014 to help gather fresh pages and sites from the community that otherwise might not be seen. And this month, we've partnered with them to provide an easy way to create awesome Tackks about dogs - just in time for the Westminster Dog Show!  

Here's what to do:

  1. Create a Tackk about anything-dog (see below for ideas) or showcase your own dog
  2. Publish and copy the Tackk URL
  3. Submit it to the #StumbleBloggers Google Form by February 26th

In addition to being featured on the official StumbleUpon List, the dog authorities at BarkPost will select their favorite submissions and highlight them across their site. Read more on the StumbleUpon blog.

Check out these ideas for your dog Tackk!

  • Showcase your own dog(s): include images, videos, or Vines to show how awesome they are. Here's an example.
  • Connect your Instagram account & pull existing pics of your furry friend
  • Share tips/knowledge on topics like: owning a dog 101, how to keep dogs healthy or best breeds for specific lifestyles, etc.
  • Share funny videos and GIFs (dog tricks, antics, being bad would all make us laugh)
  • Make lists like: why dogs are better than cats, top 10 dog names, dogs to follow on Twitter, etc.
  • Share your favorite dog Vines or Instagram videos
  • Post dog cookie recipes, or give ideas for pampering your pooch
High five to you, human.

Got questions? Post below!