Civilian Space Travel?

Persuasive Essay

     Space: full of wonders and mysteries that scientists are soon to discover. I will be talking about NASA considering sending civilians into space, and why they shouldn’t. If something goes wrong, this possible experience can turn out fatal. Some reasons are because it is a waste of time and money, the civilian can be under experienced, and we can already see space from earth.

     In our science books, we learn a lot about outer space and how it works. We wouldn’t have this information if it weren’t for astronauts. Astronauts train their whole life to take a trip to space and make discoveries only scientists can make. If we sent inexperienced civilians into space, they would not be looking for a certain discovery, it would just be a waste of time. But if we send astronauts, they may answer some mysteries and make the trip productive. We don’t have forever on earth, and we have to use our time wisely

     Sure, this would be a life-changing experience, but it’s also can be a life-ending experience. NASA is officially its own company, funded by private businesses. If they want to open up opportunities, great. But what if their customer dies. It will make NASA look unsafe and no one will want to go if his or her life is at threat. When NASA invests in extra suits and spaceships, and gets no customers, what does that mean? Money and time wasted.

     Going into space can show you the indescribable; show you the earth from a different point of view. But we already can get that view! From live space footage and textbooks, to pictures and stories, we can have the same point of view without spending money. Put it into perspective: a civilian goes into space and survives to tell some family, friends, maybe appear on the news. But it’s only that particular person learning. We need to leave it to the scientists to show us al what they have discovered.

     Overall, we need to see that sending civilians into space is a bad idea. Not only because it’s dangerous, but also because we are taking away from astronauts who want to show us they are investing in the right career. This is what they love and want to do. It’s not fair to take that away from them.

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