Choose the office interior design furniture

A system's office because the key of singing. It helps to focus your energies are at the office, so you can have stronger command and control of your career. Office interior design furniture-

positioning way will create a stimulating and comfortable working environment, to encourage you to succeed. Here are a few things needing attention.

1. When you can clearly see at the back, don't put your desk in the front. If you are facing the door, which is in inviting others to take advantage of you. The same you can turn your money back, to expand your business.

2. There is a window behind such as a seat, will make you vulnerable. So try to don't back against the window, want to rely on the walls of the solid or the corner.

3. The door is a full of negative energy path, so try not to sit in the doorway of a line.

4. The north of the computer on your desk or in the western region, is not conducive to improve creativity. If you use it to generate income to southeast corner in a computer, please.

5. Do not put any in your office, mirror, customers and others because they can reflect the negative energy in the room.

6. Do not hide office equipment for the power cord.They can eliminate each other's clutter, and allow the free flow of energy.

7. Bring your reference book on your desk, you can check at any time.
The dictionary, manuals and any other items you often arrives.

8. Make your desk clean, no dust, and trim back the top left corner. If at the back of your monitor for pictures or posters, pictures of their family space frame or rendering should face you on future projects.

9. Some local awards, diploma and certificate, focused on the wall behind your desk.

10. You want to have an ergonomic office chair to correct your posture and back. Your office chair represents your career field. Keep clean, dust, with the floor mat, finds everything new and fresh look.

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