Marina Park

Last Saturday, I went to Marina Park by bicycle. That was not my initial destination. I just stopped there because I got tired after 30 minutes of biking. I was just biking to the place where I can see the shore of Lake Superior. The location didn'tmatter. I got a little excited that I saw the famous Lake for the first time in my life. I have never so far dreamed of seeing it in person whose area is bigger than my country.

The park has a very nice and cool view. It seemed be a very nice place for families or lovers to go for a walk or bike enjoying the big and cool lake. There were a few people flying kites in the park. Probably, they might be preparing for the kite festival to be held in another area Tomorrow. Many people said that the festival is very nice and worthwhile to go and see. I want to go there. But Tomorrow, I am busy going to church in the morning and doing homework in the afternoon. I hope that there is going to be another chance to see such kind of festival.