By Paige Rawl
A girl who learned to accept herself and stand up against her bullies.

The HIV walk allowed Paige to realize she was not alone. She didn't feel so out of place during the walk. She was in a dark place before, and after that walk she felt as if she was not that different. She met two drag queens and she wanted to express herself the way they did.

Camp Kindle was the place where Paige found herself. She felt normal when she was surrounded by other kids who also were HIV positive. It made such a big impact in her life that now she is a counselor. She helps other kids deal with bullying and with HIV.

The biggest theme throughout this novel is being different. Paige had to learn the hard way that she was different from all the other kids. She was bullied from something you could not even see. She was an outcast because of a disease that she had since birth. Even though she was different she embraced it and made a difference in other people's lives.

Even though the theme was being different, Paige made happiness her priority. She always tried to look on the bright side even at her darkest times. She always kept in mine of what Brryan had told her. He told her "you just decide"and she still thinks about that.

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