Food- The food has a lot of porridge and soup consistency.

A popular dish is Sadza its the most common dish in Zimbabwe. it is stiff maize meal that is like a thickened porridge. Its rolled into a ball and dipped into meat, sauce, gravy, sour milk, or vegetables.The most common thing to eat there is maize and corn and is used in everyday life.

British spices, breads, sugar and tea have become part of the daily life in Zimbabwe also.

Landscape- The landscape is usually really dry but there are random spots of greenery everywhere, typically on the tops of hills or mountains.

Transportation- In zimbabwe, they have a lot of busses and taxis, also mopeds but not really any cars just to yourself, everyone helps everyone.

The climate is tropical. There is a dry season, theres a period in May to September when the whole country has no rain or just a little bit. The rain usually happens from November to March.

Attractions- Houseboats on Lake Kariba, you get a house boat and float around on lake kariba and end the day at a new stop each night.

Animals- There’s a lot of different animals, it has a very large population of animals unlike a lot of parts in africa.

interesting facts-

To Zimbabweans, a big stomach among men is a sign of wealth. It implies that they can afford meat daily.

  1. Zimbabwe’s economy is in crisis.
  2. According to WHO figures, men can expect to live to 37 years, and women only 34.
  3. However, unemployment is running at about 80%

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