Satire Challenge by Allison Engler

Today we will be going over the skills we have learned about identifying satire and how ti is used in our world today.

Just for review...four types of Satire

Exaggeration- Increasing the size of an object or impacts of an idea to make it seem ridiculous in reality.

Incongruity- something that is out of place or would never occur in the real world.

Reversal- when the opposite of what would happen in relatiy happens to show or prove an idea or point of view.

Parody- to mock the format or idea of something to make it seem more realistic so that comparison can take place.


After watching this video, think about and answer these questions...

What was the purpose or point of view of this video?

Who was the audience and speaker?

How is satire used in our world today and how does it effect the world around you?

What types of satire was used in this video?

Thank You!