Submitting Student Work on Tackk

We know that collecting student assignments is an important job for teachers. That's why we've made it super simple for students to submit their hard work through Tackk. Here are a few ways you can show students how to submit assignments on Tackk:

Use Tags:

Step 1 - Designate a project tag to organize all of your student's Tackks. Click here for a step-by-step guide to create a class board.

Step 2 - Students add a tag to their Tackks.

Step 3 - Visit[tag name] to view and give feedback on student's Tackks. *BONUS - use the filter options to change the view.

Tackks must be public to appear on boards.

Tag example using teacher name #Klimkowski:

Mr. Klimkowski assigns the hashtag #Klimkowski to organize student's work.


Post in Stream:

Step 1 - Create a Tackk prompting students to submit their assignments to a specific Tackk Stream.

Step 2 - Share that Tackk URL with all your students to allow them to submit their assignments to that specific Tackk's Comment Stream.

ThingLink submission example in Stream:

Ms Mcevoy prompts her students to submit their ThingLink pictures of Five Pillars of Islam.


Submitting Links to Google or Class Blogs:

Step 1 - Prompt students to create and publish a Tackk assignment.

Step 2 - Direct students to submit their Tackk URL through Google docs or a classroom blog.

Example of Mesopotamia project Google form submission:


Tackk Share Options:

Step 1 - Prompt students to create and publish a Tackk assignment.

Step 2 - Students share their Tackks through the 5th tab in the Tackk Editor via email, Edmodo or other social outlets.

Step 3 - Students can also send their link directly to teachers through Direct Stream.