Its Use and Application in the Classroom

What is it?

"Subtext enables teachers to access and save reading content in one place and share nearly anything read digitally. Teachers can search for web articles or ePubs and access open–source books via Google Books and Feedbook. Subtext also enables teachers to save, share, and engage with students in PDFs.

Looking for a certain topic or focusing students on a specific skill? Bring in reading content to support instruction, and share it with a class or group of students. High-interest digital content and engaging in-text tools keep students focused and excited about reading closely and learning together and share nearly anything read digitally."

What Can You Read in Subtext?

  • Web Articles
  • PDFs
  • ePub Files - ePub files are an ebook publishing standard that uses the extension .epub (it optimizes content for device)

Overview of How to Use!

Make an ePub File

Book Creator App

Sites for Web Content

Subtext Integration with Google Docs

Subtext FAQs


  • Shared and collaborative reading experience
  • You can organize your classes or create groups within classes based off of different readings and reading levels
  • You can import existing documents
  • You can make readings more interactive with open ended questions, multiple choice questions, polls, and linking to additional resources within a text
  • Students can read at their own pace and interact with the text more thoughtfully
  • It's a student-driven experience
  • Students can tag items and notes across resources and it culls it for them when they click a tag- Good for categorizing evidence and ideas


  • A fair amount of up front work for teachers
  • Does not talk to iBook Creator (Apple based product)
  • Can't open a Google Doc directly into Subtext - needs to be PDF or ePub
  • Students need to log in and log out. If synching with Drive, they need to be logged into their Drive account as well
  • Not quite sure how to deal with all the data it gives you
  • Getting books may be expensive
  • How will this work with textbooks? What's the cost?
  • Not quite sure what the student experience will be


  • As of July 2015, Subtext will only be premium
  • It will cost 3 dollars per student per year, with the license expiring on 6/30
  • Any account set up through Google will still exist when it goes premium
  • Premium has speech to text

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