Sudhir Bajaj - Finding Success Worldwide

Sudhir Bajaj began studying business at Boston University in 1987, where he was enrolled in the dual-degree Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems program. In 1989, he was conferred both is degrees and began pursuing a business career in information technology.

Working in various positions in the 1990s, Bajaj became experienced in all aspects of IT products and services, especially warehouse management and utilizing cross-border operation models. He began to rise in the business world, and in 1993 took a position with Cyrk, Inc. as the company’s Chief Information Officer. At Cyrk, Bajaj was responsible for the acquisition of four large businesses as well as a successful public offering.

After six years of success at Cyrk, Sudhir Bajaj decided to open his own business in 1999. Bajaj opened PlanetSoft with the intention of developing an insurance software program that would support the life insurance industry on a global scale. Over the course of 13 years, the business grew beyond its roots in the United States and became a truly international corporation, as Bajaj opened offices in New Delhi, India.

In 2012, Ronald Raina, the CEO of rival insurance software developer Ebix, expressed his interest in acquiring PlanetSoft from Bajaj. The two finally reached an agreement in July of that year, and Bajaj was awarded millions of dollars in exchange. With a business operating on multiple continents and employing over 500 people, Bajaj felt that Ebix would continue PlanetSoft’s work to help businesses develop necessary insurance policies.

Today, Bajaj is an investor in medical implant device developer LensGen, as well as a partner with the app LUV4wrd, a platform designed to promote positive messages in the community and works with partners to donate money to homeless charities in Atlanta.

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