Tweet Tweet Tweet

Twitter is an online microblogging tool that is being used for:

  • Building Personal Learning Networks
  • Engaging in Professional Development
  • Engaging with students and/or in classroom discussions
  • Sharing information with students and parents

This Tackk has three sections:  

  1. General Twitter info
  2. Tweetdeck info/helps
  3. #hashtag and #chat information

1. What's TWITTER?

Twitter Tips

Here are some tips to help you build your PLN on Twitter.

  1. Do Not Read Everything: Twitter is in the moment. When you check Twitter scroll a little, but do not feel you need to “catch up.”
  2. Multiple Twitter Accounts: If you are into teaching and baseball, consider creating a Twitter handle for each. People who follow you follow you for a reason, they probably are not into both of your interests.
  3. Bio and a Picture: People will not follow the default egg picture. Post a picture of your face to help connect with your PLN. (Hint: Smile in the picture, even snarky things sound nice when you’re smiling.) You are trying to attract educators to your PLN, make sure your description says you’re a teacher and other information to attract people with like demographics.
  4. Keep it on Topic: Again, people follow you for a reason.
  5. Use a Hashtag: Try to post a hashtag to almost every tweet. A hashtag is a topic. This helps you to connect with others interested in the same topic.
  6. Click on a Hashtag: Hashtags are live links in a tweet. Click on a hashtag someone used to see what others are saying on that same topic.
  7. Jump In: Twitter is public. People post on Twitter to engage with a public audience. Do not feel you are intruding on someone else’s conversation. Reply and retweet.
  8. Reply: Replying to a tweet is a great way to engage with and build your PLN. Just remember, if your tweet starts with the @ symbol, it is semi-private. The tweet only publishes to the stream of tweeps who follow BOTH of you.
  9. Retweet: A retweet republishes the tweet to your followers. (RT@...). If you modify a tweet, give credit to the original tweet by using MT@...)
  10. Recognize Others: Give others credit and lift others up. This is a great way to build your PLN.
  11. Allow Access: Allow others access into your day to day creative. When you share, others will share with you. Tweet pictures of what your students are working on. Take pictures of your classroom walls. Tweet out ideas you have so your PLN can help you develop them.
  12. Leave Twitter Open: Leave Twitter open on a tab in your browser all the time. This makes it quick and easy to check your Twitter stream really quick to get an idea.

These tips and more are available at Alice Keeler's Teacher Tech website.

Follow other LPS folks:

Use this link to access the LPS Get Connected site.  Here you can find other schools and the hashtags they use.  

2. What is TweetDeck?

  • a desktop Twitter client that allows you to add extra columns for filtering and keeping up with conversations
  • allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • available as a Chrome app or in the self-service pack as a program for your dock

To get started with TweetDeck you just need to:

1. Go here and follow the steps.

2. Launch TweetDeck and sign in with your Twitter account.

  • Use a twitter account that isn’t shared with other people.
  • Once you have signed in, you can connect multiple Twitter accounts to your TweetDeck account.

3. Below is a summary of the main features of TweetDeck.

Summary of TweetDeck menu:

4. Just click Compose a tweet icon to write your tweet.

The Tweetdeck images and hints came from Edublogger. (More info and help available on her blog.)

3. #hashtags and #chats

Hashtags make it easier to search and follow conversations.

See more popular education hashtags on twitter on this list or cybraryman's list.

In a Twitter chat, educators meet on twitter.  They use a hashtag during a specified time to link all of the tweets about that topic. Tweetdeck is a great way to follow a chat.

The image below shows 4 TweetDeck columns: a home account, two hashtag topics, and one chat.  You can set up multiple columns.

Many thanks to @TraceyKracht @suewaters @edublogs and @alicekeeler for the info used here.