Sue Katra - Senior Life Solutions SV Care and Case Management Expert

A professional Certified Care Manager with two decades of experience, Sue Katra holds bachelor and master degrees from San Jose State University, where she studied human performance, psychology, and adapted physical education for the physically handicapped. She also received a year of RN training from the institution. In 2006, Sue Katra returned to education to earn dual certifications in Trustee and Conservatorship Administration from California State University, Fullerton.

Alongside these credentials, Ms. Katra is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary (CLPF), as well as certified by the Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital as a kinesiotherapist (KT). Further, she holds NAPGCM certifications as a Certified Geriatric Care Manager (CGCM), and Certified Case Manager (CCM).

During the early stages of her career, Ms. Katra dedicated nearly two decades to the Santa Clara Office of Education. She served as an Adaptive Physical Education Specialist (APES), working with students who had multiple handicaps. Sue Katra performed physical and medical assessments, developed IEPs, and delivered direct services to students, while working closely with parents and other medical professionals.

Subsequently, she joined Trusted Solutions Los Gatos as a fiduciary and developed expertise in Special Needs Trusteeship, Conservatorship, and assistance for Elders and dependent adults. Sue Katra continues to serve in this role at the company, while leading care and case management at Senior Life Solutions in Silicon Valley.