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Indian pharma market is very uncertain and volatile. Pharma companies face competitive challenges along with increased govt regulations (including drug price controls, licensing), increased foreign acquisitions by MNCs, increased competition. Pharma companies need to use every tool at their disposal to increase the top line and improve bottom line. Business intelligence is great tools which can help management in Pharma companies make better informed decisions.

> Every pharma company has immense amount of in-tapped information, to name a few:
> On sales side companies have information from medical reps ( MRs), Doctors, Chemists/retailers, Stockiest, Wholesalers;
> On product side companies have information from product managers about the long steady product, recently launched products, focused products etc;
> On finance side companies have information on revenue, expense, profits
> In addition to this companies have information around customer segmentation, competitors, factory, geography etc ..
> All this information is at fragmented and different groups within the company work on them in silos. To get the best results companies need to derive intelligence by connecting these silos and recognize patterns which are impossible to find manually. Business intelligence is the perfect tool for this. It can help with :
> Market share analysis
> Detailing analysis
> Geographic analysis
> Samples analysis
> Sales force analysis
> Campaign analysis
> Focused product analysis
> At Advanz101 we help companies derive business intelligence using tools like OBIEE (oracle BI), Micro strategy, Open source tool like Jasper soft and in-house business intelligence capabilities.

Our experience can help you meet your Business needs by

  • Planning, designing and implementing an enterprise data warehouse.
  • Designing and developing the extract, transform and load (ETL) processes to standardize and automate data delivery (using Talend, Informatica, SQL etc).
  • Creating a user friendly information delivery platform, enabling faster decision making.
  • Developing data quality and data profiling solutions to help understand the accuracy of your data.
  • Designing dashboards and scorecards to assist executives in quickly identifying the organizations performance against key performance indicators for your business (using Oracle BI, Jasper etc).

Our developers and analysts offer experience and know-how in many of today’s leading Business Intelligence technology platforms including Oracle BI and open source Jasper. Our solutions will deliver value to achieve your immediate needs and a foundation architected for flexibility and scalability to support future growth.

  • Dashboards and scorecards
  • Performance management
  • Alerting and notification
  • Collaborative business intelligence
  • Operational reporting