Dance at Silverado Middle School

At S.M.S on sept. 27 the first school dance of the year is coming! All students from silverado are welcome to attend as long as they have money and they are not on the non-privilege list. Last year's dances were cool as I'm sure this year's will be.

Parachutist died on Mt. St. Helena

A parachutist who skydived off Mt. St. Helena called his wife telling her that he thought he broke his hip. She then (at around 12:40 p.m.) called the sheriff's office to ask if they were on there way to the crash site. A California Highway Patrol Officer took a chopper to the crash site and confirmed the parachutist dead. This was a very unfortunate event.

Terrorist Attack at Mall in Kenya

Many people were shot and killed at a mall in Kenya,Africa. Terrorists from Somali came in the mall and began shooting people. A rescue worker helped a young boy outside the mall. Later the president of Kenya said that the terrorists would pay for what they did.


The rest of the week's weather looks like this.

Thursday:76 degrees, Friday:79 degrees, Saturday:80 degrees,and

Sunday:77 degrees.

Sports:A Coach for A School in Utah Suspends Team

A coach in Utah suspended almost his whole team for things such as cutting class, cyber bullying, and other things. He gave them a list of good things they would need to do to earn their jerseys back. By the end of a week or two, all the players (who chose to) had earned their jerseys back.

players work for jerseys (above)

Opinion section: I hate clowns!

Now don't go thinking that I'm afraid of clowns 'cause I'm not. Clowns are just so annoying. They make unfunny jokes and stupid balloon animal dogs. Now you know why I hate clowns!

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