My name is Nou Hang and I'm a student at Central. I play in a band also I love playing badminton. I think that I'm okay at badminton and I don't like to brag. I am the oldest and I am responsible for most of the things at home. I love taking pictures most of the times when I'm bored. I love swimming, I don't like cats or snakes. I hate staying home all the time when ever there is a break I want to go somewhere besides staying home. But anyways I still love breaks, I help my uncle whenever he need help for example helping him at July 4. I always wanted to become a police but my parents won't let me. I guess that I will just become a nurse, I want to make my parents happy. I love Chinese food, I love sushi, whenever we go to the buffet I always eat sushi. I love hanging out with my friends I like to hang out with my friends like events like Hmong new year and July 4. I hate watching horror movies but I still watch it anyways. I hate watching horror movie because I get nightmares after watching its and also after I watch it I'm scare and I keep thinking about the scary parts.