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Sujai Shriram

Sujai Shriram is a highly-rated digital marketing and eCommerce professional working for CrossView, Inc., a full service eCommerce solutions provider. CrossView specializes in cross-channel or omni-channel eCommerce. Sujai says that the key to his job is to figure out how to leverage technology to help retailers better understand shopper behavior, retain customer attention, and convert visitors to shoppers.

Sujai Shriram says that every transaction between a customer and a company is an intimate, one-on-one interaction between one person and one brand. Sujai Shriram works to create ways companies can make the shopping experience more enjoyable. Sujai is an experienced digital marketing expert who advises clients on how best to manage their eCommerce investments to create a clear view of their customer interaction, cater to their customer’s needs, enable call centers to service their needs, and reduce total cost of ownership.


“New Apple products are developed to include improved applications and systems, are set at different prices depending on how much capability the customer desires and are sold in places where other Apple products are sold. In order to promote the device, the company featured its debut at tech events and is highly advertised on the web and television.

Marketing is based on thinking about the business in terms of customer needs and their satisfaction. Marketing differs from selling because (in the words of Harvard Business School's retired professor of marketing Theodore C. Levitt) "Selling concerns itself with the tricks and techniques of getting people to exchange their cash for your product. It is not concerned with the values that the exchange is all about. And it does not, as marketing invariable does, view the entire business process as consisting of a tightly integrated effort to discover, create, arouse and satisfy customer needs." In other words, marketing has less to do with getting customers to pay for your product as it does developing a demand for that product and fulfilling the customer's needs.”

This is where many people need help. Even after good marketing and making people want something, what if they were to come into your store, love the item and go buy it somewhere else? What if they visited your site and realized the item was being sold for a cheaper price somewhere else? Sujai Shriram and CrossView is the place where top brands have turned to unify websites, stores, call centers, mobile devices and other channels. Why not make something attractively easy to get a hold of at a great price point?

Sujai Shriram - Industry-Leading Technology

Sujai Shriram helps deliver innovative e-commerce and digital marketing solutions for all channels throughout the commerce lifecycle and through the devices that make commerce possible and extremely profitable both locally and globally. Sujai and his team at the global, full-service eCommerce solutions provider CrossView, Inc. use industry-leading technology and a large stockpile of strategic marketing experience to create commerce solutions that help their clients engage with and enlighten their customer base. Sujai and his team also empower businesses and inspire new heights of sales and overall success.

One of the products that Sujai Shriram and CrossView, Inc. offer businesses is CrossView Connect, an omni-channel solution aimed at creating positive interactions between customers and businesses throughout the entire commerce lifecycle. This product allows businesses to establish large, loyal customer bases by creating a positive presence in all end-to-end commerce activities. CrossView Connect provides interfaces for complete customer care both online and offline, from order entry and fulfillment to buyer support and customer service. It comes pre-integrated with common commerce environments created by industry leaders such as IBM and Hybris.

Sujai believes that every transaction between customer and business is really an interaction between one person and one brand. In this intimate interaction, the brand can only expect to keep a loyal customer if it provides enjoyable experiences and service throughout the commerce lifecycle. Sujai hopes that his services, together with products like CrossView Connect will continue to fill a critical gap between applications and environments, including the e-commerce platform.

Sujai Shriram

The Influence of Technology

Technology has always been a huge part of revolutionizing every part of the world. In particular, retail shopping is likely to be one of the industries that will change over the next few years. The lines between online shopping and retail shopping are blurring, and consumers often go wherever they find the cheapest version of whatever product they were going to buy. The power balance has shifted away from sellers and toward smart-phone-bearing consumers. According to an article on

  • “Retail sales rose 2.7 percent in November and December, to $265.9 billion, but actual store visits declined 14.6 percent, according to Associated Press. The data suggests that consumers are researching items online before going into stores to buy. One consumer described his approach as “precision shopping.”
  • On the weekend before Christmas, many retailers dropped the prices of their online merchandise below those of their already slashed Black Friday prices, creating a sharp spike in demand, the Wall Street Journal reported. Online orders jumped 63% on December 23, compared to a year earlier, creating a log jam in overnight deliveries.
  • Up to 20 percent of holiday season sales occurred on mobile devices, eMarketer estimated. The number was even higher—close to 25 percent—on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.
  • Online sales grew 10 percent in November and December, to $46.5 billion, as per comScore. But that was lower than expected.”

During this pivotal time, it is imperative that retailers take the time to revolutionize the way they do things. They can do this by supporting omni-channel commerce solutions such as those offered by Sujai Shriram, who is a Project Manager at CrossView.

Sujai Shriram

Sujai Shriram - Leader at CrossView, Inc.

Sujai Shriram is a project manager at CrossView, Inc. CrossView is a global, full-service cross-channel commerce solutions provider. CrossView unifies information across channels and touch points such as stores, websites, distribution centers, mobile devices, call centers, and more. The prime marketing strategy that CrossView employs to keep its clients successful is to create positive customer interactions across all of these channels. This approach is called omni-channel commerce. By focusing on delivering consistently pleasant customer and user experiences, companies can count on the loyalty of their customers and their returning business. Omni-channel commerce centers on the idea that every transaction between a customer and a company, whether in a physical store or online, is an intimate interaction between one customer and one brand. The customer comes to trust the brand if their experience with their products and services is positive and their interactions with the company itself are positive as well.

Sujai Shriram strives to provide his clients with a way to seamlessly integrate all channels of user experience so that customers always know what to expect from a company. This approach limits abandonment rate, because customers are more likely to purchase the products or services they have shown interest in if they feel that their shopping experience was a positive one overall. Sujai Shriram hopes to continue to grow with the company and provide more clients with better ways of interacting with all of their customers.

Why Digital Marketing Matters

The evolution of the world’s marketing has taken many different turns, and changes have been so drastic that there are now multiple different avenues for people to receive persuasive messages by companies wanting to grasp their market. Print catalog marketing has slowed down in the last decade, as the increase in internet and mobile use by the population has driven companies all over the world to begin integrating better ways to reach their target market. The birth of digital marketing bridges the gap between old-school marketers and their need to reach their customers.

The art of digital marketing itself has grown very quickly in the last five years. In accordance to the increase in popularity of apps on mobile devices, as well as the monopolization of search engines over the internet, these services revolve around getting to their customers passively, rather than aggressively.

The days of cold calling and billboard advertising are nearing a close in its existence, as new and improve methods of marketing are rising that require nothing more than flowing with the movement of the market. This powerful act of marketing has made companies accelerate their portion of the industry’s market share, allowing some companies to even be created entirely off of marketing methods, such as a network marketing company.

The importance of digital marketing in E-commerce allows most industry experts to hold professional knowledge about both E-marketing and E-commerce strategies. Sujai Shriram, a Digital E-Commerce Marketer for Crossview, Inc., works with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies to create multi-channel and omni-channel commerce solutions, as well as providing excellent digital marketing services. His work in the industry has been fast and fruitful, a hint that the industry of digital marketing is becoming the future of online presence and profit.

Sujai Shriram

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leader in IT, digital, and business services. TCS not only transforms the technology landscape to solve complex business problems, but they also play an active role in transforming the communities and people that surround them. An integral part of the TCS culture is caring, sharing and, community betterment. TATA Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), an arm of TCS focuses on small as well as large scale projects in community improvement and betterment. TCS CSR members share a culture of volunteering to build schools, teach conversational English in rural areas, clean national forests, and bring their technical expertise to help physically and mentally challenged children.

While working at TCS, Sujai Shriram was an active CSR member. He pursued his passion to improve the standard of education in tribal villages near Mumbai. Sujai and his team started as a small group of 4 volunteers, and grew the volunteer pool to over 150 people to adopt an elementary school and improve its infrastructure. Sujai Shriram is passionate about bettering rural educational services in India. The school started by the CSR team Sujai Shriram was involved with in 2004 continues to function well and independently.

TATA Consultancy Services - Serving Customers and the Community

Sujai Shriram

Creating Meaning - An entrepreneurial mantra

Every entrepreneur has a vision. The motive, however, varies in each case. Entrepreneurs are driven by their passion to solve a problem, create a product, or simply, make money. But if we look at start-ups and entrepreneurs who succeeded, one common trait is that each one created something that was meaningful to someone. The successful one’s always created value by offering something that either solved a problem, made something more convenient or accessible; or simply put, created meaning. For example, Uber made it really easy for people to get a cab while at the same time, enabling anyone interested to provide the service. They created meaning for both customers and suppliers. And as the wisdom goes, money followed meaning.

Sujai Shriram is a digital marketing expert, who approaches his work from the eyes of an entrepreneur. An aspiring entrepreneur himself, Sujai Shriram continues to seek out more efficient and effective ways to build, develop and implement high-quality eCommerce solutions for every client. As someone who looks to one day establish and operate his own firm, Sujai Shriram hopes to both leverage and apply his considerable skillset, knowledge, and subject matter expertise towards the development of something truly transformative, innovative, and even extraordinary.

Sujai Shriram

Engineering Management -  A Brief Overview

Engineering Management is targeted to help engineers gain the necessary leadership, strategy, financial, and management skills in order to successfully manage technology within engineering organizations. In a typical Engineering Management graduate program, one can expect to learn a variety of management aspects tailored to engineering and technical organizations, ranging from project management and commercialization strategy to organizational behavior. Instead of switching careers entirely, it builds on the engineering skills, and provides exposure to aspects of leadership and management, all of which are necessary to lead technical organizations effectively.

The career opportunities for this field of study are endless. Many of the heads of manufacturing, design, or technology research departments in any business, require engineers with substantial management skills. This also allows engineers to branch off into other parts of operating and running a business as well. Sujai Shriram graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering before pursuing a Master’s in Engineering Management and building his career in E-commerce and Digital Marketing. He is a well-known digital marketer and technology leader who advises retailers and brand marketers on omni-channel commerce.

Sujai Shriram

Sujai Shriram - Creating a Life Plan

Sujai Shriram, an Indian native now living and working in Gainesville, Florida, is a digital marketing professional and an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs look toward the future and have big dreams, but Sujai Shriram has a workable plan to get him to where he would like to be. Creating a life plan isn’t just about rigidity – it can be about making an ever-changing path that will evolve as you do.

If you’d like to create your life plan, steps like those below can help you get started. Remember to focus on what will make you happy; you can always modify your plan if your goals change.

Assess Your Roles

Your life plan will likely change based on the roles that you play in your life, and the roles that you would like to play. For example, if you’re a husband or a wife, a brother or a sister, a manager and a writer, think about what you need to do to fulfill these roles. If you also plan to become a parent, a CEO and a mentor, consider what these roles will require of you as well.

Assess Your Goals

Your goals are different from the roles you aspire to fill because they can be more general. Think about what you want to have done with your life in a few decades, and assess what matters most to you. These are your goals. For example, if you want to be retired by fifty-five, own a company and live in a different country, you have goals. The next part is deciding what steps are required to reach your goals. Break each goal into small steps so that you can start working on them.

Assess Your Present

A check-in with your present situation is ideally done every six to twelve months. This is a time to look at where you are, what you want, if your goals have changed and how you need to approach your future. Schedule times to check in with the present, and when you do, adjust your other plans accordingly.

Define Milestones

Though your steps might be fluid, changing as you assess your present each time, milestones are more solid. Create a series of milestones that will get you to where you want to be. For example, milestones might include getting out of debt, creating a solid business plan, saving your first $20,000, becoming CEO of a company and retiring. If reaching a milestone isn’t motivation enough for you, set rewards, like vacations or making big purchases, for each one.

Involve Others

If you have other people in your life that are affected by your plans, involve them. If you practice full disclosure, it can prevent your goals from upsetting anyone around you and making your life difficult.

Even if you idolize hard-working professionals like Sujai Shriram, keep your life plan about you and not about emulating others. This will help you set yourself up for happiness.

Sujai Shriram

Sujai Shriram - Professional Benefits of Multilingualism

Sujai Shriram is a Florida professional who was born and raised in India. During his childhood, he moved around his home country, attending eight different schools in various regions of India. As a result, Sujai Shriram gained friends, knowledge and linguistic skills that he might not have otherwise acquired. He learned to adapt to, and speak, several languages, and he presently benefits from being a multilingual professional.

Whether you’re interested in learning one language or ten, the following benefits are examples of how multilingualism could benefit your career…

Understanding Nuances

Many works of art have nuances that can only be appreciated in native tongue. For example, reading a translated book is a much different, often more distant, experience than reading it in the language it was written in. When you understand cultural nuances, you’re able to relate with international colleagues and to bring insights to your organization that it would otherwise lack.

Professional Navigation

Job opportunities can be found everywhere, and when you speak more than one language, you increase your scope. Additionally, employers often seek those who are fluent in other languages because it provides the future opportunity for international expansion.

Connect with Your Heritage

If your family is from a different part of the world, speaking the language that your grandparents spoke can help you connect with your heritage. Professionals who are in touch with their heritage often have a greater sense of self-confidence, giving them a subtle edge in certain situations.

Multilingual professionals like Sujai Shriram stand out to hiring managers, in part because of the perks listed above. On average, multilingual employees earn higher wages and have a lower unemployment rate than their monolingual peers.

Sujai Shriram