Evan Sullivan's Exploration Proposal

We must expand our reign to the New World!  I am the primary one to do your exploration for goods, gold, and GLORY!

It is the year 1523,  A.D.

          Dearest Majesty, Charles I.  I am from this very country, in all of its beauty and glory, Spain.  I understand that you are looking for gold, power, land, and natural resources.  On my expedition, I plan to find those resources in their abundance.  Also, I hope to find different foods, new cultures, novelties, natives for information, more room to expand, and natural resources. I chose those resources to search out because they are very valuable and they could give us more knowledge about the world around us. 

I understand that France and England are also in the area, looking for gold, power, land, and GLORY!  If they happen to interfere, I would prefer to talk about it, make deals, and keep it discreet, but I am prepared to fight if need be.

I am going to stay on the east coast, because that is where we will most likely land, and it is a good area to find the resources we are searching for.

I expect to encounter sickness, long trips, rebellion, hostile natives, and rival countries.  I will handle the other countries, hostile natives, and mutiny by trying to talk or make deals, but, again, I am prepared to fight if I need to.  The other things I will fight by keeping  good morale, supplies, and energy.

I ask that you please keep me in mind as you select your explorers! Thank you very much for your time, Your Majesty.

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