K-12 mLearning Options


This app presents virtual newsroom where the animated characters, Tom and Ben, report the news as submitted by students. Students create the dialogues that can reflect any news around the school or around the world. This could be used in the classroom by having Social Studies students present the news about current global events and presenting their newscast to the class.


Voicethread is a web application that allows you to collaborate online by sharing media and comments. Users can add multiple comments and pictures and can share those with others who in turn can add multiple comments and pictures. VoiceThreads can be shared with others and have the privacy settings restricted.

Many projects in secondary education require in-class presentations. These can be stressful situations for students to be in. Voicethreads however can be used as a tool for students to pre-record their presentations and play it back to the class and teacher. This eliminates the embarassment and stress some students feel during class presentations and will allow for better quality of work.

For example: In a math class, students are required to solve 3 problems and then present their answers to the class, with instructions on how to solve each problem. With voicethread however, the students can add images of their work and record themselves overtop explaining step-by-step how to solve the problem.


Students take a series of images and create a story out of them. They string these images together to create a story.

This could be used in a Social Studies class by having students animate or depict an event from history as a part of their learning. Students could animate the creation of the Magna Carta or Columbus' discovery of the New World.


Socrative is an app that allows users to answer questions presented to them with their mobile device. The Socrative software tracks the responses for teachers to review.

This could be used in the classroom in many ways. For one, teachers could ask a series of questions and monitor students responses as a way to determine their students areas of strength and weakness. For example, a biology teacher could ask questions about the different parts of the human brain. Students would answer and the teacher would identify areas of confusion based off of their responses.


Journal Jar is an app that gives students prompts for writing. The jar asks different questions to the user. By shaking the jar, a new question appears.

This could be used in the classroom in an English class. For example, in order to get students settled and on-task, a teacher could use this app and ask that students write their responses to the questions in a journal. This enables student-centered learning and allows them to focus on a topic they might be intersted in. One question may be, "What would you like to be famous for?" or, "If you had a flying carpet, where would you go?"

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