swimming, summer & sun

week 1

     On Friday, May 30th, at approximately 4:25, my summer had officially begun. Just turned in my final exam, and didn't have any other cares in the world. The minute you pull into the Hartney residency, you are guaranteed a fun, laughter-filled weekend. And my weekend was nothing short of exactly that.

     We started the weekend off building forts in the back woods, under the strict instruction of Hannah (of course). We walked through the stream, skipping rocks and (not really, but almost) catching crayfish. At this point in the day the temperature still stayed at around 80 degrees, far too hot to not be swimming.

    We swam, and layer out for the rest of the day into the evening. We inflated rafts, made motorcycle snapchats, and i even taught Ava how to save a drowning person! (p.s make sure not to drown while with Ava... you won't make it).

     Between swimming, and the sun, we were drained. Not a drop of energy left to do anything. So we spent the rest of the late evening watching re-runs of Dr. Phil, Catfish edition, and laughing at the stupidity of the women sending thousands of dollars to people they have only seen one picture of ever, and claiming they are in love with them.

     The next day was dedicated to only swimming, swimming with the dog, swimming with rafts, swim races, you name it, we swam it. We swam for a solid 5+ hours at least, only taking breaks to "tan" (aka burn yourself to a tomato).

     Once we showered up, Ava and i took a quick bike ride down to the barn, and to the tire swing, where we decided we wanted Mexican for dinner. We raced back up to the house on our island bikes, to ask Mer if we could go to Don Tequilas for Dinner. She agreed, so we loaded up the car and enjoyed tortilla chips with gauc and sour cream for the rest of the evening.

     We finished off the weekend that night, watching our favorite YouTubers, and laughing   until we had six packs.

     All in all, i would say it was a perfect start to an awesome summer! ♡☼