Saturday, September 13 at 4:00pm (add to calendar)

It's still officially the season of summer – therefore we present to you: Summerfest! We have a porch, a yard (enough of one at least), a grill, food + snacks... a few close bars to walk to when your drunk ass decides bar-hopping is a good idea. 16-bit, Melt, Deagan's and Humble are just a left-turn & a stumble away. But remember where you came from because if you sleep over we may even make you breakfast in the morning (we're classy people. really. trust us).

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Renee Hart (+1) 3 years ago

Me and the SVC prez will be in attendance

Pasto (+1) Organizer

of course me + @shaynabane will be there.

The menu has been somewhat set!! What to expect:

  • Grilled Avocado Pizza
  • A taco bar complete with farm fresh pork carnitas and a melange of homemade salsas
  • Pasta salad from fresh pasta + a variety of other fresh salads (like Honeydew & Poblano)
  • And a dessert made from the blueberries we picked recently

Part of why we randomly invited you all over for a "Summerfest" was to share our Summer garden with you, so we'll be using up as much of our garden as we can for this.

Oh, and I almost forgot: A Build-Your-Own Moscow Mule bar complete with a plethora of Ginger Beers for you to pick from! We'll have some vodka and some whiskey (for Kentucky Mules), but you should feel free to bring some of your own booze if you're lookin' to mule it up.

See the Summerfest Facebook event.