Suneet Singal

Accomplished Commercial Real Estate Principal

About Suneet Singal

A successful investments professional with considerable experience in the fields of finance and domestic real estate, Suneet Singal currently works as the principal of several large-scale ventures. As the principal and broker of a prominent real estate development group in California, he oversees all financial and investment-related aspects of the company’s operations. Suneet Singal has also spent many years with a real estate group in Northern California, where he helps the company provide niche real estate development and brokerage service to clients across the region.

In recent years, Mr. Singal has overseen the development of real estate ventures such as gas stations, residential subdivision buildouts, and an industrial park project. Aside from his work in the field of real estate, he has taken on a number of retail and media ventures in sectors such as content distribution, urban apparel, product lines, and sports equipment.

Suneet Singal holds a bachelor of arts in finance from the California State University at Sacramento.

About Renewable Energy in the Community

With experience in both commercial and residential real estate development, Suneet Singal has overseen projects ranging from an industrial park to an assisted living center. In addition to pursuing charitable endeavors promoting music education, Suneet Singal takes a strong interest in the impact of renewable energy on communities across the world.

Renewable energy can have a significant impact on the amount an individual pays to traditional utility companies, among other benefits. By joining together, a community can reap even greater benefits than single individuals. Community-based renewable energy models that involve traditional utility companies include:
--utility sponsored renewable energy, which allows individuals to purchase renewable-energy-generated electricity at a set rate for a long period of time, and
--on-bill crediting, which allows individuals to purchase shares in a renewable energy farm and reduces their electricity bills by the amount they pay for the shares.

By joining together, communities can also take ownership of renewable energy through projects designed in conjunction with a developer. Not only do community-owned projects have a positive impact on the environment, they help community members learn more about other conservation methods.

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