Exploration for Spain!

Expect only the best from The Kingdom of Spain.
Yagnik Panguluri

Your Majesty; King Phillip III, I, Perseus of Greece, am here to request a voyage to the Southern Region of Florida in the New World. Though I am Greek, I have chosen to explore for the Kingdom of Spain. I have plans to depart in the next year; 1612, in search of the goods we need. Not long ago did a Spainard find the New World, but we must take power. Recently the English have settled a colony, and we have to take in the natural resources before it's all taken. I plan to bring back tobacco, lumber, gold, and agriculutral goods. I believe, and specifically chose these resources because I can bring these goods back because I have heard the local natives are in good times just like us, and we can trade or take from them. I plan to face the obstacles of starvation, mutinies, and possibly the natives. To overcome these, I have an idea in mind. I shall keep an extra stock of food on our ship in case supplies run low, make crew members sign contracts when the board the ship so that they know that they will face punishment for starting a mutiny, and I will give it my best effort to make peace with the natives. Conflict is something we are all not hoping for. We must hurry, the French have sent Samuel de Champlain, the English, like I said, have colonized on the eastern coast. If we do not enter the race like France and England. Your Majesty,I wish that you carefully evaluate my reasoning and accept this Voyage to the Southern Region of the New World.

Where I Plan to Land

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