DO ONE, shitty Marketing

teleranting! You know it makes sense. Listen and join in!

Thursday 21st February 2013 at 8pm (for around an hour)
join via Skype or your Telling Bone (at local call rate)

Buy my stuff, but my stuff, buy my stuff, did you know you can buy my stuff?
Look at this big red arrow that's pointing to something that tells you that you can ... buy my stuff.
I've even highlighted it in yellow just in case you went blind in the time I've flooded Twittah with 67 million messages all telling you to ...... BUY MY STUFF

We're sick of this and think there's a better way. Join us LIVE for a laugh at shitty marketing. You may even get a free pen! Sign up below to be emailled the full call deets.

No we won't spam you, yes it's 100% free and there is no way we are selling your details. Eveh!

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