The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

By Kayla Russell and Natalie Riedling

The Hero's Journey

Call to adventure

The call to adventure is when Super Diaper Baby's dad does not want to kill the bug so super diaper baby has to fight the villain. He does not refuse the call and the world is slightly scary to Super Diaper Baby but it is pretty normal

Supernatural Aid

Super Diaper dog

Crossing the Threshold

Super Diaper baby crosses the threshold when the doctor pats him and he flies out the window

Belly of the Whale

Super Diaper Baby is in the belly of the whale when he falls into the nuclear power plant and gets powers

Road of Trials

-1st Battle with DDD

-2nd Battle with DDD

-Landlord refuses to let Super Diaper Dog live with the Hoskins

Enemies: Deputy DooDoo

Allies: Super danger/safety/diaper dog

Temptress, Goddess Atonement With Father


Supreme Ordeal

Defeating Super D.D.D. after he absorbed the nuclear radiation

Ultimate Boon

After taking Deputy DooDoo to Uranus SDB and D.D. get a magic drin that will give C.U. his powers back

Return Refusal


Magic Flight

SDP has an easy return home

Rescue From Without

Yes, D.D. helps him get home

Crossing Return Threshold

Yes, Billy (SDB) and Diaper Dog return home and they live happily ever after

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