Super Early Retirement

Success Breeds Success

I had the opportunity to get some one-on-one time yesterday with Elite 8-Star Diamond Coach, Jennifer Greenberg and her husband Michael. They'd driven from Tennessee to Maryland to spend some time with the Maryland members on their team. When I arrived at the meeting place, there was this beauty in the driveway with Tennessee license plates. It spoke to me, and what it said was, "We've arrived. Because we've been consistent in our passion to help people, we are living the life we once dreamed of." But that wasn't all, as I entered the house, the end of the message was, "You, too, can live the life you dream of. And I've brought some friends with me to help you do just that."

"When Jennifer Greenberg started with Team Beachbody 4 years ago I thought she was on a fools errand. I thought it was just the next thing she would quit on." - Michael Greenberg.

Fast forward to 4 years after her start, Jennifer's success as a Beachbody Coach has made it possible for her to retire both herself and Michael from their jobs (keep in mind, they are in their thirties). Not only is this incredibly special because it give s them more time with their family, but Michael no longer has to go out and risk his life as a police officer. Obviously, Michael has changed his tune, and is her biggest support. You should see how passionate he is about helping others and in planning amazing events to foster successBeing surrounded by such successful people inspires me to aspire for more. I am grateful for the opportunity that is Team Beachbody and am excited to reach my potentional.

So stay tuned!