City of Cleveland declares April 18, 2013, the official Superman Day.

Even at 75, Superman is still pretty hot stuff. The super-duper superhero was created by two young Clevelanders — Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster — in 1933. Superman hit the newsstands in 1938 aboard a 10-cent copy of Action Comics #1, and the rest is pop-culture history.

Cleveland has embraced Superman's local roots, turning Siegel's and Shuster's Glenville neighborhood houses into "S"-emblazoned landmarks and welcoming airport visitors to the city with a Man-of-Steel exhibition at baggage claim.

There's been cries too for an official Superman statue at the city's center, stamping THIS as Metropolis!

But on the official front, the City of Cleveland recently gave Superman an honorable nod, declaring April 18, 2013, the official Superman Day. And fans are invited to well, be super.

Strike a #SuperCLE pose.

How super are you? Show it off. Through April 18, the City of Cleveland wants to see your best super moves. Snap a pic of your best Superman poses, costumes, landmarks, paraphernalia and collections. Tweet or Instagram your photos with #SuperCLE or email them to communications@city.cleveland.oh.us.

See who's already gone SUPER via #SuperCLE feed on Twitter and check out the City of Cleveland's official release.